You bring expertise, vision and passion
and we’ll help you meet three challenges to scaling and growth:

1. Staying focused on a valuable, achievable market position

We help you build and focus on a market position by:

  • Revealing / confirming your company’s passion and purpose
  • Confirming very clear strategic points of difference
  • Understanding where these points of difference can unlock sustainable value
  • Identifying the right commercial models to maximize the opportunity

2. Maintaining a purpose driven, performance culture

We help develop and maintain an execution culture as the company grows by:

  • Spelling out a clear vision and pathway to build and reinforce your market position
  • Identifying a clear main effort - the most important thing to achieve within the planning horizon
  • Actively engaging with your leadership team and company to deliver the vision and plan
  • Building the right systems to review progress and adapt at every level

3. Winning aligned, well-priced capital

We help build a compelling investment story that will win initial and follow-on capital needed to sustain growth efforts by:

  • Understanding how scalable the company is and can be
  • Making sure there are plenty of proof points around the investment story
  • Getting the balance sheet basics right
  • Sourcing the most appropriate investors for the company(which may include Denali)
How do we do this?

By generating insight ...

We have decades of experience in building, managing and scaling businesses.

We truly understand the challenges involved and apply our knowledge to support enterpreneurs, and help businesses overcome the obstacles to success.

As proof, we're happy to share our case studies and client testimonials with you in person.

... actively deploying implementation know-how ...

We don't believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Or starting work guided by nothing more than intuition.

We prefer hard data, hard work and solid strategy.

Our commitment, experience and proprietary tools equip us with all three. We stand alongside founders and their teams in doing what needs to be done. Very quickly. You'll see your business in sharper focus than ever before.

... and having multiple connections to capital.

In some cases, an injection of capital is exactly what's required for a business to rise to the next level.

More frequently though, the business is better off directing its efforts at resolving internal obstacles first.

Accessing our network of investors - and, if you meet the criteria, our own venture capital - is just one of the potential options on the table once an engagement with Denali is confirmed.

Like to know more?

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