A partnership that invests capability and capital in entrepreneurial ventures, in order to build sustainable, high performance environments where people love what they do.


Active principal investing: our investment focus

The Denali Venture Fund invests capital following the same philosophy that we use when we invest knowledge and capability in serving our clients. The key aspects of our approach are:

Founder friendly

We believe that focus and shared passion win, so our work is focussed to support entrepreneurial companies where the founders are active.

All we do is invest: capability and capital

We consider the knowledge and capability with which we serve our clients is just as much an investment as is a capital placement. This requires us to apply investment discipline to all that we do.

Intimate relationships

Since we apply our investment discipline to all our engagements, our focus is necessarily very tight. We will take on at the very most four engagements per partner.

Active engagement

Our venture capital is only deployed into companies where we also have an active engagement. This can range from purely advisory to more active capability engagement.

We back ourselves

As a result of our approach we back ourselves to make a difference. This is clearest in how we align our rewards with our clients' success.

Purpose, values and vision

We look for alignment in a company's purpose, values and vision. We are delighted to serve clients through helping their leadership team uncover and express exactly what this means for them. When understood this allows us to make an investment evaluation. If your vision is to build a sustainable business then we may well be interested, however if you plan to build to flip, then there are other more suitable sources of capital.


We love market or industry disruption plays where the incumbents find it hard to deliver or respond. Enough said.


We are excited about infrastructure. Infrastructure that is close to the customer and hard to replicate. What do we mean by infrastructure? The processes, systems and technology that allow a business to readily scale.

Pre expansion capital

Our focus is entirely on Early Stage and Breakthrough investments. We leave Expansion and Late Stage investment to other funds, often within our network.

We will only invest capability and capital in early stage companies that are building purpose and values driven cultures, and can leverage our core capabilities.

We believe that the maximum benefit from our investment of capability and capital occurs when working with companies to overcome execution and delivery barriers - liberating sustained high performance.