A partnership that invests capability and capital in entrepreneurial ventures, in order to build sustainable, high performance environments where people love what they do.


Who we work with

Denali can engage with you so that your company will:

  • have staff who are motivated by a personally-resonant purpose, living values they share, and achieving goals that are stretching and worthy
  • be ready to delegate within a clear accountability framework
  • have staff who can achieve autonomy, mastery and recognition for their role in achieving your company's vision, in line with its purpose and values
  • have learned new skills to handle the increasing complexity of growth and development
  • have gained the advantages of leveraging expert resources and capital to do this
  • be better able to leverage your leadership capital.

Leadership capital structure

Leadership capital diagram
  • Disruptive. Your defined and defendable business model plans to disrupt your market or industry
  • Infrastructure focused. The infrastructure you've developed is close to the customer and hard for a competitor to replicate
  • Growth oriented. You have a revenue stream from clear and attractive customer value propositions; a low market share; and, preferably, a positive gross profit.
  • Leadership capital constrained. You are ready to move beyond the entrepreneurial "command and control" phase to a new phase, which is more successful at dealing with the complexity of your organisation. New executive competencies will be developed, along with the supporting leadership infrastructure to leverage them.
Leadership constraint diagram
  • Strategy acceleration
  • Responding to environmental changes
  • Managing internal change
  • Performance turnaround
  • Transition from entrepreneur to executive team based management
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Disposal preparation
  • Initial Public Offering preparation
  • Acquisition integration planning and execution
  • Large and small corporations
  • Acquirers and disposers of businesses
  • Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Firms
  • Entrepreneurs
  • For Profit and Not For Profit Enterprises
  • Public entities
  • All who require a systematic approach to leadership to create a legacy of high performance and value

Much of our advisory work remains commercial in confidence. As an example we are proud to support and serve the following: