A partnership that invests capability and capital in entrepreneurial ventures, in order to build sustainable, high performance environments where people love what they do.


Our capabilities

  • define your company's purpose, values, vision and operating method
  • use this knowledge to align the senior leadership team, board and employees
  • build the delegation, monitoring, coaching, reward and exit practices required to drive differential performance
  • build the leadership systems and processes throughout the company to the level required to deliver the vision
  • minimise the leadership complexity required
  • align purpose and values with a valuable strategic position, creating a clearly articulated and well-founded vision for the company to focus on
  • create the operating strategy that will best harness the current capabilities of the organisation
  • identify the opportunities to disrupt existing industries, counter incumbents' actions, and anticipate disruption by others
  • create, leverage and deliver well-differentiated offerings to the market with better branding, sales and marketing strategies
  • advise and plan towards the simplification and management of increasingly complex systems
  • appraise technologically based and – in service companies – control practices and procedures
  • integrate disparate systems to create a customer proposition that is as seamless as possible
  • develop, manage and control IT systems
  • build governance frameworks to increase business owners' confidence as growth stretches the organisation
  • analyse your organisation's financial frameworks
  • support negotiations over M&A, Joint Venture and corporate relationship scenarios
  • select and oversee execution support specialists (lawyers, accountants and bankers)